Unfold the Untold

It was the moment when I’m moved by Mark Twain’s “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”

Then it all started with a restless roaming spirit, to take every chance and drop every fear. So with my itchy feet, on a fridgin’ weather, I decided to take an off-the-cuff walk. I found myself exchanging smiles with someone (random) I come across the busy street of Nathan Road in Hong Kong. I had no intention and direction but to walk and perhaps gone missing but ended with bliss and fulfilment.

   Jordan Road

From Yau Ma Tei to taking the weight off my feet at the Avenue of the Stars, I had a solitary moment to stuff my eyes with wonders. I was at a situation in which almost no one or nothing is so familiar. I thought it was a moment where I gained too much courage and just be a solitary wanderer on a brighter side. I could’ve hugged myself if I can.

Photo taken at Victoria Harbour (Avenue of the Stars)

I am about to unfold my journey to going somewhere, seeing everywhere and losing myself in the unknown venture. I came to realise little things may change your frame of mind or the way you see things in life. My time came to an objective of choosing memories and experiences over things. Reward yourself to something that will never fade away. Sometimes, the best part of a fulfilment is when you know you worked hard for it. You will feel it when your luggage gets light and weightless because you carried abundant courage, dream, love and passion of what you do and hope of making a remarkable and inspiring tale.

I’d like to know too, have you ever waved Hi to a stranger? Have you ever stood to an unfamiliar place and ended winning a friend after a quick chat? Have you ever thanked someone because she did a great job for cooking the kind of food you hungered for? Have you ever been lost and desperate but unexpectedly came bizarre because as you look around, all you can see are wonders of the eye and felt everything remarkably pleasing.

Halley, one of the cutest I met when I visited Disneyland HK. 

Join me in investing to life experiences. Having to meet strangers turning to friends. It enlivens you when you share and inspire with your great stories. I know it all comes down to all-i-want-is-adventure but let’s see and taste the world. We live in a world that’s full of colors. Let’s sprinkle some spices and indulge into the delicious flavors of life. These are simple things that money can’t buy that makes you richer. -iamsolivagant


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