Openness to the World

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

I came to discover that openness to the world has great contrast on how you see things in general. Spending a lot of time on your own can be one of two things – self-fulfilling or incredibly isolating.

                              Ruínas De São Paolo, Macao

December of 2014, I went on my first solo trip to Hong Kong crossing over to Macau. The sense of risk and heightened reward draws  me to traveling alone. I was not scared at all. In fact, I was too thrilled and excited. If you ask me how am I able to consume this? Mark Twain. Or maybe because it was not my first time to organise a trip. The only difference was I am flying without any companion this time but I’m putting too much courage, confidence, independence and desire in self fulfillment in my baggage.

 Airport Express Train Hong Kong

I encourage you to persuade yourself to going somewhere you’ve never been to. Try putting down the map and get wonderfully lost. Visit a restaurant, walk along the streets and smell the flavors and spices of the world, get into those hole-in-the-walls and taste something you never imagined and thought of slipping through your palate. Fancy, middling, plain or humble. Go eat like the locals. You may not know when and why you are going and how to begin. You may find an answer when you come back and realise that you have just added colors into your life and made a first time worth remembering like I did.

Following the next pages of my posts, I will detail my first solo trip – one of my most memorable and liberating expeditions. When my world started to sprout, I was able to do what I fear most. I never worried of losing anything but I have gained too much of everything. I am aware that I’m not the first person who may have experienced the same but it’s truly amazing when we hear tales about embracing what life has to offer. Who knows? Soon we may be on same pinned location or checked-in to the same restaurant or boarding together on same flight. It would be fun!


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